Our best and favorite promotion of the entire year is HERE!

Who loves some Dot Dollars?

Dot Dollars is BACK!! Our best and favorite promotion of the ENTIRE YEAR just started TODAY!!! Dot Dollars is by far our customers favorite thing we do all year--and we only do it 1-2 times a year! And how perfect is the timing with it being the Holidays-you need to Holiday Shop Anyway RIGHT???? Well might as well get them (or you!!!!!) something super cute, fabulous and something they will LOVE and get something back for it, right??? No one else does it better than Stella and Dot and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN out there loves a Stella and Dot gift! Whether its a statement necklace, a cool bracelet and earring combo or one of our fab bags--it's the best gift out there!

This is how it works:

--For every $50 you spend starting TODAY you get $25 back in DOT DOLLARS to use later on
--Why not buy a few gifts NOW and use the Dot Dollars you earn on some things for yourself later? Or buy for yourself NOW and more for yourself LATER! Anyway you look at it its fabulous and a great deal!

Dot Dollars AND amazing Trunk Show Exclusives!

On top of Dot Dollars our Trunk Show Exclusives for November are the best we have ever done!!! I love the Pegasus for ME but the rest are cute gifts--and they are half off-and you earn Dot Dollars on them!!

Thanks for being a great customer! I know you are doing to do some Christmas Shopping very soon and it would mean the world to me if you would pick some Stella and Dot! Thanks for the support!

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