Clinical Geneticists

By Sophia Sload

Job Description

Clinical geneticists study families and people who have DNA related diseases and illnesses. They sometimes treat the person with the illness. But they also have to do lots of research about the DNA of the family. This is so they can prevent it from occurring again. Frequently they have to do "therapy" and help the families who have the diseases. I would like the responsibility of researching family genetics because it would be very interesting. i would not like have to treat the diseases.

Personal Characteristics

For this career you need to be very dedicated, hardworking, personable, and willing to solve problems. All of those characteristics are inside of me. I especially think I would succeed in this because of my love to solve problems and to help people while doing it. It would also make me more dedicated. A value that this would provide to me would be a challenge. I love a good challenge and would enjoy working in a challenging environment.

Education Needed

For this career I would need to be very focused on science. That would mean I would focus my high school classes toward science and medical biotechnology. I would need to graduate high school and then go to collage, where I would receive my bachelors degree. After that an M.D. or a D.O. degree would be required. This is a very long process which after collage would include 6 years of residency/training. Three great schools for the study of genetics are Harvard, University of Cambridge, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Work Setting

If you had the job of a Clinical Geneticists your work would be done in both a medical office and lab. Studies show that 60% of the time a geneticist is with a patient. The rest of the time is spent doing research. They have to be able to work as a team because many people are necessary to carry out this job. Also on average they work a 54 hour work week meaning if they work 6 days a week, they would be working 9 hours a day.

Wages and Benefits

Clinical geneticists have very high wages. As a new geneticists a yearly salary can rage from about 150,000-180,000. But as so in many jobs, the amount you make increases as you have more experience. After 15 years of experience you could make up to 265,000-274,000 per year. This job is in high demand and is needed in a community so vacations and days off might not be as lenient as other jobs.

Employment Outlook

This job will be increasing in demand over the next few years. Many more people will look for help will genetic diseases, treatments, and counselling. The rise will be an eighteen percent increase. I do not believe that competition for this job would be hard as long as you have the degrees and experience required.

Personal Assesment

I do think I would be good for this job. I am very dedicated and hard working. This would help me to get through long work days and the extended collage degrees. I am also, most likely, going to an early collage so this would give me a head start on the long education. I also have an avid passion for helping people which is a value that would benefit me.