Air Pollution

The Disease of the World


Air pollution is corrupting the world & we all know we are contributing to making it worse, but look past the ideas of minimizing its effects towards global warming & the start of diseases. Air pollution is the disease of the world & can cause disease, but also death (70,000 yearly). This is a huge problem in our world, & even though its impossible to stop fully, we can surely slow it down.

Cancer Causing Pollutants

The main thing that is affected in air pollution is our air. They say ozone and PM-2.5 pose definite threats to the entire country's health and natural resources. Pollutants such as ozone play a large role in respiratory diseases and cancer. The cause of most of the diseases and cancers caused by air pollution are caused by the tiny particles found in toxic gases. The EPA estimated that about 60,000 people die each year because of inhaling these tiny particles. Not only does air pollution cause cancer and respiratory diseases but it worsens current conditions like asthma.

Air Pollution and it affects on the world

Air pollution is becoming a world wide problem and is increasing greatly. Obama said “that one of his dreams was that he did not want children growing up with destructive power plants that could threaten their environment”(Miranda Green). Air pollution is caused in many ways including outside as well as indoor. Some types of outdoor pollution comes from sulfur, coal, oil, nitrogen oxide, acid rain, power plants, and factories. Indoor pollutions are caused by tobacco smoke, asbestos, and radon. With all of these different types of pollution it can lead to serious health risks. To help prevent all the different types of pollution Congress established the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Clean Air Act to help eliminate air pollution. The World Health Organization is also working on improving clean air because studies have shown that about five million people die annually from air pollution. These organizations have many goals they want to accomplish to try and provide cleaner air. One goal is to burn fuel more efficiently and cleaner. But with the temperature rising it is becoming harder for the EPA and the Clean Air Act to accomplish these goals. Now scientists are trying to develop fusion, solar power energy, hydro-power, and hydrogen power cars to try and keep the air clean. We can help by using energy saving appliances, reducing how much we drive, becoming aware of our environment and many more. With all of these new ways we can help prevent pollution and make our environment healthier and safer.

'Perfect storm' - Air pollution in London in 2012

Carbon Emmissions In U.S

Carbon emissions are or Co2 are some of the most toxic atoms penetrating the ozone currently. We get these atoms when fossil fuels are burned releasing them into the air, and the ozone. This type of air pollution if inhaled into the body can be very toxic, causing disease or even worse, death. Starting from 2003 the U.S carbon emissions took a turn for the worse and rose until 2006 then went back up, until 2009. There has been a solid decrease every since and there are reasons. The U.S is finally realizing that this air pollution is a problem and can put the earth in harm, the ozone is the ammune system of the world and without it, we will all be in danger. New innovations like, battery powered cars, solar power and devices to put into cars and smoke stacks help take out Co2 emissions. It may not SOLVE the problem, but it gives the earth more of a life spand in the future.
Air Pollution Video

Air Polltuion vs Envionmental factors

Air pollution is basically environmental factors that affect the atmosphere. Air pollution can be a series of factors varying from chemical particles and biological materials that can cause disease, damage to everything that is living including crops that are used to feed the world. Air pollution causes damage to our natural built environment and as air pollution becomes more rapid in the world our gaseous system is affected in which we heavily rely for the oxygen that we breathe. Air pollution also contributes to other factors in the world that are detrimental to society. One of these factors being global warming. This is directly contributed through human pollution into the air. Air pollution can be seen and some forms of air pollution cannot be seen. Basically when any kind of new substance is introduced into the world it affects all human being and all who inhabit it. Air pollution is at an all-time high and there is no type of sanctions to stop it.

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