Orson Scott Card

By Owen Wurst


“From all wise men, O Lord, protect us” (Card 62). In Xenocide, Starway Congress is sending the little doctor to destroy Luistiana. On this planet three ramen species live in harmony: Humans, Pequinos, and Bugggers. In the next months Ender and his friends must figure out a way to stop Congress, manipulate a virus that constantly evolves to destroy humans but is also essential to Pequino's survival, create faster then light space travel and save Ender’s marriage. Non of this would be possible without the special help from Ender’s friend Jane, another ramen species being the only one of her kind that live throughout the ansible and has the ability to control computers. Most of the book is in third person and sometimes it is first person, in order to understand characters thoughts. The book is science fiction.

What did I enjoy about the book?

I enjoy that Orson Scott Card write in so much detail. He can take a paragraph of written and expand it into four pages. I also enjoy the science fiction aspect and the involvement of Physics, Biology and Phycology.

If this book is a part of a series, can you provide more information about the series?

The first book to the series is Ender's Game, the second is called the Speaker of the Dead. In the Speaker if the Dead, Ender travels to Luistiana were he meets the Ribiera family and the Pequinos. The book ends with Ender discovering the deepest secrets of the Pequinos and plants the Bugger queen's egg.

Did you notice reoccurring symbols? What were they?

Parables were important throughout the book. Ender is helped by a group of intelligent people that live on the planet of Path. They are ruled by Chinese traditions and teachings. Another, important symbol was the importance of family.

What interesting or notable facts do you know about the author?

He was the first American author to win the Hugo award in consecutive years.