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lue is a classic colour that has become an oft-used one in the corporate world. It is versatile enough to keep it in demand whether the occasion is a formal one or a casual one. While black suits have long been a staple in formalwear, the working class generation has rendered blue suit as being perfectly acceptable at the workplace too.

Blue as a colour has many shades that complement men having different complexions. Therefore, men with darker complexions can look good in lighter versions of blue, fairer men look good in darker shades of blue. Regardless of your complexion, blue suits can make you look professional and attractive.

The blue suits for men used today are interesting and vibrant. Therefore, if you are wearing a three piece blue suit, complement it with a light blue business shirt and a dark necktie. For men who work hard and party harder, the blue suit can be a useful companion to have. In the morning it can be worn to work and give you a professional air; in the evening, the same suit can give you a casual, relaxed look as you spend the evening in the company of friends.

Blue pinstripe suits with a navy shirt, with their perfect harmony of colour, enhance the visual appeal of the outfit and attract the right kind of attention. If you are daring enough, you can even opt for a blue coloured trenchcoat for the evenings to keep you warm. It will certainly give you a distinctive edge.

A blue suit, made from the finest wool with the best cut, can be a welcome addition to every man’s wardrobe. Peaked lapels and a back vent that facilitates movement can enhance the look of your classic blue suit even further. Just like its classic grey counterpart, the blue suit has an iconic style that will never go out of fashion. While grey is a safe colour, a blue suit can be an asset – especially for older men – as it enhances the youthful look.

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