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February 2021
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Feature: Black History Month

Cultural Responsiveness

Coaches' Corner

Tier II Tidbit


Trainings and Workshops (Virtual)

Feb 5, 2021 Assessment and Evaluation in PBIS

Feb 12, 2021 PBIS in the Classroom

Feb19, 2021 Tier I Team Booster Training

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February PBIS Coaches' Networking Session

FEBRUARY 16, 2021 @ 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Join our A-State PBIS staff for Coaching and Technical Assistance (free!) PLUS this is your chance to network and learn from the other amazing PBIS Coaches!

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/5909116481

Feature: Black History Month

"The Hill We Climb"

In celebration of Black History Month, we want to highlight Amanda Gorman and her poem written for the Presidential Inauguration, The Hill We Climb. “Just Is, Isn’t Always Justice” were powerful words brought to life by the youngest Inaugural Poet Laureate. These were perhaps the most significant words as it relates to Culturally Responsive Practices.

Below is a link to a lesson plan for students grades 6-12 to discuss the beautiful poem Amanda Gorman read at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Thank you to Kate Stevens, M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, for this lesson plan. Connect with Kate on Twitter @KateTeaching.

Cultural Responsiveness

Five Essential Strategies to Embrace Culturally Responsive Teaching (Click on image below)

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February Coaches' Corner

  • Re-teach behavioral matrix to staff and students & plan for spring Booster Training
  • Tweak recognitions, acknowledgements to keep PBIS exciting (especially for remote learners)!
  • Update TFI Action Plans during monthly meeting
  • SHARE data and celebrate successes at faculty meeting

Tier II Tidbit

Which students need Tier II support?

Even when Tier I is implemented with fidelity, some students will not respond well to Tier I.

BUT… not all students need individual behavior intervention plans.

SO… Tier II provides interventions for groups of students who have similar needs. Providing standard interventions targeted to specific needs is much more efficient and cost effective.

Tier II interventions are for...

  • Students displaying frequent, but minor, problem behaviors across multiple locations
  • Students needing enhanced Tier I supports to prevent escalating behavior
  • Students with behaviors that are internalizing (e.g., nail biting, avoiding peer interaction) or externalizing (e.g., fighting with peers, excessive talking)


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