The History Of Ammonia

By Joshua Petrenko

The History/Discovery of Ammonia

Ammonia was first obtained in pure form by an English chemist named Joseph Priestly. He had heated ammonium chloride with slack lime to create it. Ammonia is most commonly made by the Haber-Bosch process which converts nitrogen gas in the air into ammonia. This process was discovered by the German chemists Fritz Haber and Karl Bosch, in the beginning of WW1.

5 Facts

  • About 80 % of produced Ammonia is used in fertilizers to make crops grow better.
  • Ammonia is used in the manufacture of dyes, explosives, plastics, drugs, nitric acid, and many more other chemicals.
  • Ammonia can also be obtained from coal and from animal matter such as horns, hooves, and dung. When these materials are heated, an ammonia gas is given off.
  • Ammonia is one of the most widely used and produced chemicals in the United States.
  • Ammonia itself is not flammable, but containers of Ammonia will explode at high tempatures.
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These are the containers used to ship Ammonia.