Laissez-Faire Economy

Communism is wrong!

LaissezFaire : The best economy of them all.

The laissez-Faire economy is an economy where transactions between private parties are free from the governments rule.


Another type of economy is communism.This type of economy is a bad choice.Communism is when all property I see publicly owned and everyone works and is paid accordingly to their abilities . Communism doesn't allow us to get the pay we need. We can't move up in society whatsoever.

Why you should like Laissez-Faire.....

Laissez-Faire is much better than communism because , who wants the government to rule them?. No one right?. Communism is when a government rules any type of trades of any kind. It doesn't matter if it is land or if it is goods. Laissez-Faire is the opposite. This meaning that the government has no control over any type of trades. Land isn't privately owned, which helps farmers because the rich people would buy the land but now can't. When communism is the type of economy you have, you don't move up in society. You get paid the same as everyone else. Who would like that?. No one.
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