What we did today

January 13th

LMS visit tomorrow

Don't forget to bring a sack lunch since we will be gone during our lunch time on Wednesday.

We will go to an assembly at LMS to learn more information on the elective options they will have heading to middle school.

What we learned today...


Customary capacity conversions (I will get the math section for help up soon, sorry it's not there yet)

Hanson-page 587 4-10

Kleinmeyer-page 595


Immigration-Why did people move from their homelands? Why did they move to America?

Working on the skill of summarizing. Today we gathered details together and I modeled how to write a summary from those details.

Oral Fluency-Backyard Monument


Free writing and popcorn party


comma practice

Extra practice packet due Friday


Inner planet characteristics

solar system vocabulary

Social Studies:

branches of government


Math-Reflex Math 15-20 minutes-a lesson until the green light turns on in the corner

Typing Club-3 times a week for 10 minutes (this is making a huge difference when we are typing out published copies! Please have them keep it up!)

Oral fluency-Backyard Monument

Spelling Unit 14 spelling packet


Wednesday-Day 5 PE

Thursday-Day 1 Art

Friday-Day 2 PE