The machines

All machines I would like to create

All the types of machines!

Listed below are all the types of machines.


HP stands for Hydrophile, which means this is a water-based machine.


UP stands for Urbophile, which means this is a machine that'll be commonly used for high populated areas.


RP stands for Rurophile, which means these are going to be the bigger, bulkier machines in rural areas.


XP stands for Xerophile, which means this machine can perform well in hot and cold climates.


EP stands for Extremophile, which means this machine can perform well in all situations, hot, cold, steep, flat, wet, or dry.

The Machines

All machines that have been created in 3-D modeling.

EP-25 Cockroach

What this giant hunk of metal and machine is a vehicle essentially made for the military BUT can be modified for civilian purposes such as construction or for shipping very important supplies. The reason it has the name "Cockroach" is because of how many engines (and such) it has. It has 3 extra engines, 12 extra gas tanks (four for each engine), different environment settings and a lot more things! This monstrosity is 15 ft. long and 16.4 ft. tall. It'll be made out of scrap iron, glass and such, but what the original design was that it would be made out of Tungsten, but that'll be near impossible with what I have right now...and how much it'll weigh.