Frankenstein final: Kaitlyn Kestler


Friendship is when you help someone out creating a bond between the two of you. It is when you treat them the way you want to be treated and they return the favor. When your feeling down they are there to help build you back up. But in the book it is when someone is courteous to you even when they have not seen the way you look on the outside. They know how good your heart is and return any favor because they do not focus on image, they focus on the heart.


This book is about friendship, knowledge and responsibility. The journey this book entails in incredible. I have chosen to show the friendships throughout this story. But, what do i think friendship means? I think friendship is when you put in the effort to create something special and lasting. It is when you find someone who gets you and who you get too. They would do anything for you and you would do anything for them in return. Also there is trust, loyalty and kindness. Friendship is a mysterious thing.

How many friendships actually last? How are friendships viewed today?

"30 percent of discussion partners and practical helpers maintain the same position in a typical subject's network of friendship seven years later, the rest of the friends are replaced." (daily strength, inc.) Friends come and go but true friends will always be there for you in your darkest hours. Even if you have not talked to them in five years and lost touch they will go out of their way to help you with what ever is going on. This is how friendships that are lasting look like.

"Actually It depends how much time, value, affection you are putting in to it (either relationship of friendship)." (Quora) Frankenstein's creature put in effort for a friendship with the cottagers getting false hope it will last and valued the relationship. The creature spent time trying to help to earn their trust.

"If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime. #sotrue #quotestolove #bestfriends" (David Torrey, Pinterest) This young boy shows how teenagers feel about friendships lasting, how they always believe what they read.

Ideal Friendships

There are friendships worth fighting for but there are always going to be issues that you just have to overcome. If the relationship is worth it you will be able to subside your issues with each other to comfort one another at times of need.

Relationship (love/longing)

"Felix seemed ravished with delight when he saw her, every trait of sorrow vanished from his face, and it instantly expressed a degree of ecstatic joy, of which i could hardly have believed it capable; his eyes sparkled as his cheek flushed with pleasure..." (Frankenstein, pg. 125) This sentence shows relationship/friendship because it describes the feeling that is shown and felt by Felix when he sees his obvious beloved. Before this point we did not even now about her but this just shows the relationship between the two. It is obviously a romantic relationship.