By; Meg Billingsley

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying- (noun) the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

How is it affecting the world today?

-depression and anxiety in kids (

-increase in violence in the bully (

-health complaints in the victim

-missing or skipping of school

-lower grades

-begin in abuse of alcohol and other drugs

-increase in mental health problems in victim

-increase in criminal acts in the bully

Cyber bullying is WRONG!!!

If someone around you is getting bullied, TAKE ACTION!!!!!

How do you solve it?

-Tell a trusted adult

-know that it is not your fault (

-don't respond (

-tell the bully to stop!!!! (

-reach out for help

-save the eviidence

How might technology cause cyber bullying?

-the bully can target people with doing it face to face

-the bully can bully without people knowing who it is

-the bully can team up with a group of people

-the bully can do it without there parents knowing

-the bully can do it without the teachers and or principles knowing

-the bully can delete what they said.

Different technology that you can get bullied on.

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In Snapchat you can send a mean message and the it will disappear.

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On Instagram you can take photos of people out of context and blackmail them

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On Facebook you can bully someone in a group of people so you feel more comfortable.

More cyber bullying facts.


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By; Meg BIllingsley