by: Emily Day


Hello, I am here to talk to you about perseverance. Perseverance means the continued effort to overcome a difficult situation through strong determination despite difficulties, failures or opposition. In this newsletter, I will talk abut some examples or perseverance and overcoming your failures!

The difference between Keevan and Hunter (Compare and Contrast)

Hunter turns in ratchets paper, not for himself, but for Ratchet. He knows they want to save the park so he helps Ratchet with the adversity and turns in the paper. This is different from how Keevan chooses to persevere. On the other hand Keevan wants a dragon for himself so he can be accepted and fit in. He musters up his strength and pushes through and gets a bronze dragon.


This is a picture of Keevan and his bronze dragon.

Oscars Journey (Cause and Effect)

Oscar is my dog. He is a Shih Tzu and 10 years old.
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Ratchet, From: This Journal Belongs To Ratchet (Description)

Ratchet has had a pretty rough life. She is pretty poor and her dad makes a living by fixing cars in the garage. She is always moving and she has no friends. In addition, she struggles most with is her mom’s death.She is always thinking about her mom and has dedicated lots of conviction toward her. So when she finds out that her mom actually left, she is left in a idle situation.

Eula and her Courage (Problem and Solution)

Eula always wanted to help people. She found passion in helping people through medical help. One of her many struggles were she had no place to rent out. So she overcame this by renting out places on the weekends. But the problems just kept rolling in. Eula had no staff, leaving her to run the hospital by herself. There were not trained nurses or doctors. She ended up training and recruiting her own staff single handedly. From the money she earned she was able to pay her staff and eventually buy out her own place to put her hospital officially. One night, unfortunately the pace burned down. This left everyone devastated. But Eula was resilient and she didn't let the fore stop her. She walked around town looking for donations or things she could do to get money. When she finally got enough money, she gathered up her staff again and opened the hospital again. Life threw lots of bricks her way, but she pushed though and always found the solution.

Eula Hall

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Caine's Road to Success (Sequence)

Caine is a boy who owns and manages a fully operating cardboard arcade. Lets see how he got there.
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