The Darkness Hidden in The Races

Megan Hurst

All About Slavery...

How slavery began...

Slavery began with the triangular trade. The triangular trade is the trade of goods between Europe,Africa,and America. Slave traders brought the slaves over on slave ship. Slave ships are ships that brought the slaves over. The slave ships were over crowded most of the time. They also didn't have good places for the slaves to stay. When the slaves were on the ship,they were on the lowest part of the ship and were put in cages at night. They also had to do choirs on the ship and got very little food. There were also lots of diseases. When they got to America the slaves were sent the slave auctions. When the slaves were sold the owners brought them to their plantations. That is why the south needed so many slaves. It was to keep up with the high demand for cotton in the south. That is how slavery got started.

Slave in America were treated poorly

Slave were treated really badly because they had to work from before sun rise to after sun set. They had little food. They had to pick a certain amount of cotton each day or they would get punished. Slaves weren't allowed to got to school and if they married the slave owner could separate the family at anytime. If you were a slave that ran away you could be whipped as much as the master wanted or even worse you would be hung.

Lincoln's views

Lincoln didn't like the idea of slaves but he didn't want to separate the country over it. He would rather save the country and then let slavery dwindle down but if he could end slavery and keep the country together he would. But his first priority was to keep the country together.