All Time All Stars Weekly Update

April 20-24, 2015

CTP (Achievement) Testing

Hello Friends,
This week is our assessment testing week. Each day, Monday through Thursday, students will take two tests; one test in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Our third grade schedule is as follows:
Reading Comprehension
Mathematics I

Verbal Reasoning
Auditory Comprehension

Quantitative Reasoning
Writing Concepts and Skills

Writing Mechanics
Mathematics II

The Comprehensive Testing Program is a rigorous assessment for high achieving students in areas such as: reading, mathematics, vocabulary, reasoning, writing, and more. The CTP helps compare specific, curriculum-based performance to to the more conceptual knowledge base found in reasoning tests.
Students took a few "practice tests" last Friday to get a peek at the format, how to properly fill in answers, and visit about the language used in the tests. They are aware that they are very likely to be challenged with a few problems that are beyond what we would see in third or even fourth grade. Students are encouraged to just try their best :)

Within this framework, we will be mixing in doses of "brain-breaks", NF book study, Grammar, Math, readers' workshop, and some math games. We will visit the library on Friday afternoon to accomplish some Dreambox learning for the week.
There will be no assigned homework this week.
It will be important that kiddos come to school well-rested and energized with a healthy, high protein breakfast. Thank you to our generous parents who have signed up to send in snacks for the week!

Have a wonderful week, and may any allergies you may be experiencing begin to dissipate,