Amazing Snowflakes

You can see a snowflake

A snowflake may be big enough to show its pattern or it may be too small to be clearly.But we can still see a snowflake.We must be care full because if we have it on are hands it will melt very fast,but if you have it on your jacket it will stay a little bit longer.On a snowflake it has tiny,tiny little dust called diamond dust.

Learning about snowflakes

Scientists have tried to study snowflakes.They look at them closely at them with a microscopes.Artist had draw beautiful snow flakes.meteorologists tried to hold snowflakes to study them.

Diffrent snowflakes

Each snowflake

is special because

it has it's own shape and size.

How a snowflake is made

A snowflake starts like this:first a water droplet goes up in the air,When a water droplet gets up in the cloud it beings in aCrystal form,Then to a crystal with extensions,,then to a stellar snowflake,next a rime forms,next a water condensation level,not but least fallen snow on the floor.


For more than four hundred years,

scientists have tried to learn more

about snowflakes.


Cirrus clouds. Filmy white clouds,20,000 to 40,000

feet above the earth.Sometimes they look like

feathery threads.

Atom. The smallest particle of the elements,

such as oxygen and hydrogen, that make up

our world.Atoms combine to form molecules.