Religion of Middle East

Jose Torres

Cultures around the world could be very different. The many cultures reflect a variety of geography,languages,religion,conflict,and government!Religion greatly the culture of a religion. This middle east is shaped by religion.

The Middle East is influenced throughout history by its religion. In ancient times,the body’s get mummified they used to remove their organs and place them on canopic jars,but the heart stayed in the body they believed that the soul kept on living. Therefore they used to have many gods in ziggurats to honor the people. In short there are also 3 faiths(religion)-Judaism,christianity,and Islam.

In Modern Middle East shows a unique culture influenced by its religion. In Modern Middle East,there geography,is sandy,rocky area,and builder.As a result law punish criminals safely rules,rules loans.Accordingly the muslim religion,koran-holy book,pray 5 times a day,pilgrimage to holy city of mecca,and much more!To sum up there languages are Arabic,English,French,Italian,and German.

Religion shapes the culture of the middle east.Cultures vary in languages,geography,religion,conflict,and government. In the world there are great differences in cultures!