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Newtons 3rd Law of Motion

Newtons 3rd Law

Today at U.S. Airforce base there was a new plane being released that is as fast as a fighter jet but can carry cargo like any cargo plane. It was just today that the plane took its first test flight and it passed all inspections. The new planes will be up in the air and helping our country within a matter of 2 months. Because of their heavy loads and their amazing speed they use gallon after gallon of fuel. So there will be some trouble paying for the expenses.

After the show we went to the creator of this plane and asked him how the plane even moved. He said "the third law of motion was the biggest factor but also I used all my knowledge", so we researched what the third law of motion was and it all became clear. The third law states that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.This is what makes the plane thrust foward.

The plane is able to move because the thrusters in the back of the plane shoot gas out of the engine so fast that it propells the plane foward. So the action is the thrust coming from the thrusters. The reaction is the plane moving foward with the same amount of force but in an opposite direction. This clearly does define the 3rd law. Come back next week to see the new war tank.