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By: Angel Martin hi cecil was here


My Abuelo is a nice old man who just need's family. That's the reason why I don't want to visit him. He has too much family ! But overall I gave in to visit him. When I did I had a great a great time . He told me the story of his life. The wierd thing is I thought it was going to be horrible but it wasn't it was great. I'm going to keep visiting him again and again! Because I just love my Abuelo Arturo..........



I finally ran ther boston marathon! I didn't want to do it because of the bombing last year but now I know that it's all ok. My Tia ran last year & died. That's the main reason why I want to do this! I meat a goal & accomplished it.

Obituary's :(

Misha's grandfather

Dear readers, I'm sorry to tell you that Misha's grandfather has passed on. I know you'll all miss him! Misha's mother and father were very sad especially since they treated him so badly.He died at 1:34 am. He had a heart attack when he was sleep , so the police have said his death wasn't painful. The date of his death was January 9th at 1:34 am. We'll all miss him dearly!!!!!!!

Crime reports


We came to report to you that Mrs. Luella Bates has gotten robbed! She was working at Walmart when she went home & everything was gone !But the only thing on the floor was a note that said "Thank you for the money Mr.s Bates but I need more than that ~Roger". The nerve of some people! Mrs. Bates called the cops from her wall phone and they came urgently. With alot of luck they found Roger &all of Mrs. Bates furniture. Mrs. Bates didn't press charges but Roger did get senteced for 5 years in prison for theft.


Dear Antonio

Dear Antonio : My name's Mona! I just got into a fight with my best friend because she thinks she can run faster than me but she can't! I know I run faster and everyone know's too.What should I do? Dear Mona: Thank's for writing me! Well me & my friend Felix got into a fight abut boxing. In the end we ended up boxing each other so we could get the Golden Gloves Championship. We did fight but we ended up walking out before we could find out who won. The important thing is we walked out together as friends well Amigo Brothers. So I think you should just let it go or one of you could get hurt. Good luck <3 Antonio