College Predators


I think the documentary we watched in class made a lot of good points and it made a goal for itself to expose schools. It did a good job but it takes years for everything to be more evident.

Personal interviews

In the film hunting ground there was many versions of personal interview. The rape victims came up and spoke about the situations they were put in and why they did what they did and what they couldn't do.

The parents of the victims also stood up and spoke about how they are concerned for their children and the rest of the children at the collage

The school staff lastly came up and didn't do anything about the college problems they only tried to defend the college themselves


The girls crying in the film expressed how much pain the situation put them through and how much it hurt to speak about what they did.

The former predator had his face blurred out maybe because he was scared to show his actual face because he was ashamed of what he did. he spoke about why people shouldn't do these things

The staff in the film didn't show any sort of emotion towards the victims because they were still busy protecting the school


The news got to broadcast about the problems on campus, News got more publicity for them to do something about the problems. Not only did the news have something but they also had websites with fourms to help them out in getting more publicity and finally the entire documentary was a form of publicity it showed all the effort put towards the movement of stopping colleges from just letting things happen and showing colleges don't do enough for their students.


In conclusion the documentary did make its point in exposing every college that hasn't done anything some less then others but the point still hasn't bee completely made. It might take a few more years for everyone to realize what is happening but the documentary in the end did what was right and made its point