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Kelsey Nichols

In love with a hockey player for the past 6 years. We have a german shepard named Bella.

Started in April 2011

My mom got me a charm necklace and Stackable Deco rings for Christmas in 2010. I fell in love with the jewelry and would occassionally visit the website to drool over everything I wanted. Fast forward to April, I was graduating and looking for something flexible over the summer to keep me busy and bring in some spending money. I contacted the stylist who my mom bought from during the holidays and signed up an hour later!

My goal for November/December is to earn enough commission to cover all my Christmas Shopping. It's an expensive time of year and I'll be happily giving gifts this year paid for from my Stella & Dot Visa!

Spending my earnings on Christmas Gifts! I also lost my gold watch on a train in Switzerland last month, so I will be re-buying it with my earnings - it looks great stacked with my renegade cluster bracelet!

I started because I wanted something flexible, something for me and something to bring in a little extra spending money. I was already in love with the jewelry, so becoming a Stylist just made sense.

I once picked up Bono hitch hiking in Vancouver.

My favourite make up brands are Nars & Bobbi Brown.