Looking For Alaska

Connecting Modern Literature to Greek Myths

Looking for alaska By john green

The novel Looking For Alaska is written in the point of view of Miles "Pudge Halter. Miles is starting his first year at Culver Creek Boarding School, Miles father went to the school as well and has heard many stories of crazy antics that have went on, but his year went nothing like he expected it to, due to the outspoken, self-distructive, mischievous girl down the hall, Alaska Young.

Looking for alaska & Greek mythology

Like many myths in greek mythology, Looking For Alaska is a tragic love story.

Miles is in love with Alaska but she dies tragically before their relationship can develop into anything more. After Alaska's death, Miles blamed himself for it and thought that he could have saved her.

Connections to characters:

Alaksa Young

She is much like Hermes and Hercules

Hermes is mischievous and the trickster of the gods. Alaska likes to do pranks on the "Weekday Warriors" In the book.

She is like Hercules because both of them were self-distructive. Hercuels took out his rage on his family and hurt and eventually killed them. Alaska hurt the ones close to her and because of her actions, she herself died.

Miles "Pudge" Halter

Miles was a hopeless romantic... or at least he tried to be. He was head over heels with Alaska and would do anything for her attention, however, their time together was cut short and he was never able to tell her how he felt. In mythology this happened often where one lover died and the other became distraught over the lose, feeling as if they were to blame.

The Labyrinth

In the book, Alaska's question that she used as the thesis for her final World Religions paper was "How will we escape this labyrinth of suffering?"

In the myth Theseus, Theseus must go into a labyrinth to defeat the minotaur.

I hope you read it!!! This looks lame but you should really read it, the book is amazing.