October 2020 Newsletter



As we enter into the second month of the semester, we hope that everyone has adjusted to their fall schedule. Please take a moment to review this months newsletter with important information that is available to you.
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Table Of Contents

· Important Dates

· Scholarship Opportunities

· 2021- 2022 FAFSA Application

· TRIO FESP October Virtual Events

· Tutoring Resources

· Spring 2021 Priority Registration Reminder

· Virtual Drop Ins & Academic Advising Appointments

· WMU Virtual Study Abroad Fair

Important Dates

Oct 1: Last day to submit graduation audit

Oct 1: 2021-2022 FAFSA Application is open for renewal

Oct 8: TRIO FESP Wellness Event

Oct. 19: Midterm grades due

Oct. 21: Spring 2021 course offerings open for viewing

Oct 26: Last day to receive 25% refund for complete withdrawal

Oct 27: Lunch and Converse w/ FESP Staff

Oct 29: TRIO FESP Priority Registration Deadline

Oct 30: TRIO FESP Movie Night

Scholarship Opportunities

  • 2020- 2021 MI CAPP Education Endowment and Study Abroad Award

These scholarships are for any TRIO FESP participant who has been enrolled in TRIO FESP for at least 1 calendar year as of the time of application submission.

How to Apply: Micapp

Application Due Date: December 4, 2020

Important Note: These scholarship applications require students to work closely with a TRIO FESP staff member to complete the application packet and provide nomination. You will need to schedule an appointment with Myia or Nateya at least two weeks prior to the due date. We want our students to have the best possible application packet and to ensure this, we need to work together!

  • JLV College Counseling offers monthly scholarship opportunities as well as provides information related to college admission and financial aid information.

Website: JLV College

How to Apply for Monthly Scholarships: JLV College

2021-2020 FAFSA Application

The 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be available starting on October 1. Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of earning aid and work study opportunities.


TRIO FESP October Virtual Events

Come join your peers and FESP staff and enjoy TRIO FESP's virtual events made just for you! There are many options to chose from. Please view the October events below. There will be separate emails with detailed information coming soon for each event!

October Virtual Events:

➤ Wellness Event

➤ Lunch and Converse w/ FESP Staff

Movie Night ("In the Tall Grass")

Tutoring Resources

Bronco Study Zone

The BSZ offers an array of resources through a one-stop model to support students and just the right amount of structure to help keep them on track. Services include:

  • · Free drop-in assistance for highly challenging courses.
  • · Group collaboration on course assignments.
  • · Logging mandatory study hours for instructors and organizations.
  • · Assistance with coping with test anxiety, effective note taking, time management and test taking strategies among others.

Bronco Study Zone Website: Bronco Study Zone

Link to the Fall 2020 List of Classes with Schedule: Fall 2020 List

TRIO FESP Fall 2020 Remote Tutoring Schedule

*Note: Please click on the Peer Tutor’s individual Webex link listed below to join during their specified drop-in hours. To have a one on one video appointment with a Peer Tutor, schedule the appointment through this link: Appointment Quest Select: “TRIO FESP Peer Tutoring”.

Meaghan Anderson

Meaghan Webex Link

Appointment Times:

Monday - Friday
9am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm

Drop-In Times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30pm to 1:30pm


  • ENGL 2660

  • ENGL 2790

  • HIST 2900

  • HIST 3160

  • ENGL 3140

  • ENGL 3300

  • HIST 3490

  • SPPA 2000

  • HIST 2030

  • HIST 2020

  • PSCI 2000

  • MATH 1140

  • HIST 2100

  • ENGL 3710

  • ES 2000

  • Chicago Style Format

Sachin Bala

Sachin Webex Link

Appointment Times:

Monday - Friday 1pm to 2pm

Drop-In Times:

Tuesdays and Fridays 5pm to 9pm


  • CHEM 1100

  • CHEM 1110

  • PHYS 2070

  • PHYS 2080

  • EM 1110

  • Any Non-Teaching Math Related Courses

Polina Parrish

Polina Webex Link

*Not Available for Appointments

Drop-In Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5pm to 7pm


  • ENGL 1050

  • LS 5100

  • HOL 1000

  • ART 1480

  • CHEM 2800

  • MATH 1100

  • ENGL 3820

  • LS 3780

  • PHYS 1800

  • ANTH 1200

  • ED 2900

  • MUS 2400

  • ED 3100

  • ENGL 3690

  • HPHE 3400

  • ES 3950

  • ENGL 1100

  • ENGL 3830
  • HPHE 3520
  • LS 3770

  • MATH 3520

  • EDT 3470

  • SPED 4270

  • LS 5160

  • TEL 5200
  • ED 4070
  • ENGL 4800

  • APA Format

*If you need help with a subject not listed email nateya.s.moore@wmich.edu for further assistance.

Spring 2021 Priority Registration Reminder and Deadline Updates-For non FYE participants Only

Please note the deadline changes: This is a reminder that in order to receive priority registration for spring 2021, all requirements must be completed by Thursday October 29, 2020 by 5:00 p.m.

  • FESP Assessments (VARK, Jump$tart, CSI)-If you completed and submitted these assessments in the past, you do not need to do them again!

  • Complete a virtual academic advising appointment and an ISDP
  • Attend a TRIO FESP event, or watch two online modules

*Please refer to the September 2020 newsletter or the email that was sent for specific information on the above requirements

Virtual Drop Ins & Academic Advising Appointments

Virtual Drop in advising will end on October 20, 2020. You can begin scheduling one on one appointments starting on October 21, 2020.

Virtual Drop In Link: Advising Drop In Link

Virtual Drop in Hours: M-R 9:00-11:00 a.m. & 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Advisors will NOT be available between 11:00-1:00 p.m.

No Drop In Advising Hours available on Fridays

To Schedule an Appointment with a FESP Advisor: Advising Appointment

WMU Virtual Study Abroad Fair

Join one of two 2020 WMU Study Abroad Virtual Fair sessions on Wednesday, Sept. 30 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. or Friday, Oct. 2 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. to discuss: "Study Abroad 101, Who? What? When? Why?," "Geographic Break-out, Where?" and "Making it Happen, How?"

The virtual fair will take place via Webex and will include breakout sessions. For more information about the WMU Study Abroad Fair. Click links below for additional information.

Study Abroad Fair Email

Study Abroad Fair Link

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