Arthropod: Blue Morpho

Scientific Name: Morpho Peleids


The Blue Morpho butterfly lives in tropical forest out in South America. Also live at the bottom of the forest floor. Does not migrate like other butterfly's.

Body Shape

The Blue Morpho has wings like moth. It adapts by blending using the undersides of its wings. Also can camouflage to look like trees or leaves. When the butterfly is not resting the color of "Royal Caribbean Blue" with brown edge lining.

Feeding Habits

Eats fluids of decomposing animals, tree sap, nectar.

The Blue Morpho are omnivore. When there a Caterpillar there cannibals. They eat there brother or sister while inside the egg.

Life Cycle

  1. A female butterfly lays an egg.
  2. A Caterpillar is born from the egg.
  3. The caterpillar grows as it eats more.
  4. The caterpillar grows large enough to make a cocoon.
  5. The caterpillar sleeps while evolving into a butterfly.
  6. The caterpillar hatches out of the cocoon and evolves into a Blue Morpho butterfly.