English 10B

Week 7 April 16-20

Taking a breath!

My newsletter is a little late this week because our plans were impacted by students' completion of the literacy narrative. I am THRILLED to report that all tenth graders turned in their final drafts on time today! Because of this, they have earned themselves a breather day on Tuesday! We are going to be taking it a little easy this week before we start in on argumentative writing next week.

What's Ahead This Week

Monday We reflected on writing the final draft of the literacy narrative and students had a chance to tell me what activities were helpful or not helpful for their writing process. Then, we reviewed colons and semicolons and students completed practice problems in class.

Tuesday SSR Day! I will be bringing in popcorn and we will spend the day reading and having snacks. Students earned this relaxing day by ensuring everyone turned in their literacy narrative on time! Yay! Nice work!

Wednesday We will quickly review independent clauses and semicolons in class. Then, we will begin our mini unit on listening skills. We will begin listening to the "Tiger" episode of the Criminal podcast. Students will complete during listening questions in class and after listening questions as homework.

Thursday We will begin with a test over semicolons and then we will check the after listening questions for the "Tiger" podcast. Students will have a chance to express their thoughts and ideas about the controversial topic in the podcast.

Friday We will listen to an intriguing survival story podcast called "Falling" and answer some during listening questions. These questions will be more in depth and challenging than the previous podcast! Then, students will write a brief reflection based on the themes of the podcast (family, growth, and reflection) as an exit ticket.


Thursday "Tiger After Listening Questions" due

Writing a Literacy Narrative