Modern Day Slavery

By Brett, Jake, and Josh

Awareness Of Modern Day Slavery

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  • Traffickers making 150 billion in profits over the year
  • 400,000 men and boys are being sexually exploited globally in the sex slave industry
  • Almost half of the worlds slaves are found in india
  • The country Mauritania has the highest slave count of 1 of every 25 people
  • 1 million children are exploited to the global sex tread every year, the average age is 12-14
  • 80% of victims being female even more shocking are 50% of those are children under 18
  • The average cost of a slave today is $90, in 1809 the average cost for a slave was $40,000
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This map shows the high density areas of slavery, The darker the red, the more human trafficking goes on there.

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