A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an engaging and funny play where a mean, wealthy man, Scrooge, is visited by three spirits and is encouraged to make better choices in life.

The first most compelling reason to attend the play at ?This time a year because it really brings out the Christmas spirit in you. The Crachit family was really poor and they couldn't buy presents but they had a lot of love and they had each other.

The second reason I recommend the playis because the set is so realistic that it makes you feel like your in London in the 1840's. They made the ghost of Christmas future super scary by using, lighting and the banging sounds.

The last reason I like the play because it made me grateful for all the people and the blessings that are in my life. That is the same way that Scrooge felt at the end of the play about the people and blessings in his life.

I recommend the play because it gets people in the Christmas spirit which is really the spirit of giving of others.

One sacrifice that Scrooge made was to give up his riches. One sacrifice I made was to give up a piece of candy to my Dad