pillbury careers

Ceo of Pillsbury- John Lilly

In 1997, Mr. John Lilly left p&g to join the Pillsbury company in Minneapolis, first as president of Pillsbury in North America and then as ceo for the Pillsbury company worldwide.

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Pillsbury Products

There are various product from Pillsbury such as;

-Pillsbury cresants

-Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

-Pillsbury pizza crust

-Pillsbury Progresso soups

Subsidiarie products

-Betty Crocker

-Old El Paso




Careers in the company

There are many careers and great jobs for people who want to be in a productive company, such as, food service territory manager, manufacturing supervised, food service sales territory manager and many more. All of there require a minimum of (2-5) years in business management. You can also start in a Pillsbury job in a factory and work your way up.

Now Hiring

Pillsbury is always giving new and exciting careers and jobs for people who want to explore an amazing work for. We recently have a position open, you can be one of our corporate records manager. General Mills is seeking a corporate records manager to provide leadership, direction, planning, supervision, and overall management of the company's records and information. You will need leadership skills, ability to communicate, and set up goals and activities. A bachelors degree is required, perferably in information management, library science, or similar records-related field. You will also need knowledge of law and regulating, and a strong understanding of technology. the salary is $29,427-$87,383 a year.

Mission Statement-Values

Our mission is to make life's healthier, easier, and richer. General Mills is nourishing life's.

Our values are to do the right thing all the time, play to win, grow and inspire, win as a team, and act boldly, move quickly.