1st Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: October, 2013


First grade artists have been exploring the fundamental element of line through a study of the artist Mark Toby’s work. They went on to investigate the work of pop artists Jasper Johns who often uses letters and numbers as subject matter. Not only have these artists been making connections to writing and math through art, they will be exploring art materials by using an oil pastel and watercolor resist technique to finish this project. Moving forward, students will continue to explore materials while being introduced to the art and culture of Mexico. First grade will be introduced to Dias de los Muertos and will eventually create a nichos. This small folk art treasure is similar to a shadow box and will allow students to explore their creativity through painting, drawing and sculpture while strengthening their understanding of our neighbors around the world.


In the library first grade will finish procedures, appropriate behavior and book care. We will talk about the parts of a book, welcome Shelf Elf back to the library, and read Halloween stories.


We are off to a great start in the music room! We have been singing, dancing, playing rhythm instruments and keeping the steady beat to all different kinds of music. We have explored the high and low sounds of our voices and demonstrated loud and soft sounds. We will continue to develop these concepts using a combination of music teaching philosophies, including the Kodaly method. The Kodály Method uses a child-developmental approach to sequence, introducing skills in accordance with the capabilities of the child New concepts are introduced beginning with what is easiest for the child and progressing to the more difficult. Children are first introduced to musical concepts through experiences such as listening, singing, or movement. It is only after the child becomes familiar with a concept that he or she learns how to notate it. Concepts are constantly reviewed and reinforced through games, movement, songs, and exercises.


In Lower School PE we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on core as well as muscular strength. The class will be participating in a number of movement challenges throughout the month where running, hopping, skipping and jumping will be a part of the skills we develop as well as body parts and directionality. We will play a few Halloween games this month, and we will also play a variety of tag and circle games as students will continue to experience success in the gymnasium.


Since the beginning of the year, the 1st graders have been exploring motion with the use of marbles, wooden tracks and wooden blocks. Students will explore velocity, acceleration, momentum, gravity, trajectory, and angles through inquiry and investigation. They will understand these complex physics ideas all while having fun. Students will make marbles move “uphill” (inclined plane), turn the corner, jump over an empty space and create structures that include these features. Part of being a scientist is thinking, observing, and trying new things. It also means that they may not always be successful when trying something new, but they will always be learning.


In September first graders really worked hard to expand their conversational vocabulary including asking and responding to simple questions about their name and feelings. Since we will be adding to their knowledge with asking for and giving their ages and the ages of others, we have also been working hard to refresh, review and learn our numbers both in order and out-of-sequence. Giving ages will accompany learning the names for some immediate family members in Spanish as well. We will also be working on learning the vocabulary for common classroom items which involves recognizing and asking the question: What is it? in Spanish. First graders will continue to review and work with the vocabulary for colors, shapes, and size so that we can practice giving simple descriptions of items. We will also review and learn new body parts vocabulary.

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