state symbols

by: Aubrie Sanner & Bella Balzanna


do you want to learn about the state symbols? if you do you should look at this passage! it tells you about symbols of the state.

state dog

a Great Dane can be funny but serious. they are big dogs. they have long,pointy,and funny ears.

state bird

the Ruffed Grouse looks like it has peacock feathers. they can be funny looking and big. they have fur around their head like a lion.

state tree

the Hemlock tree is a Christmas tree.they are spiky. they are very pretty.

state flower

the Moutain Lorrel has pink on it and is VERY pretty . it has white on it too.

state fish

the Brook Trout is colorful and pretty. they can be big or small

state insect

the firefly has a light on its butt. the light is very bright.they are very pretty.

state deer

the White Tailed Deer can be silly.when they are babies they are very cute.