Happy New Year!!

DFES Title One, January 7, 2016

DFES Magnet Fair Night on Jan. 13 6:00pm-7: 30 pm

We are super excited to be back at school and also to be kicking off the new year with a magnet fair at our own DFES on January 13 from 6-7:30 pm. Parents, students and folks in our community are invited to come and see what all is going on in various classrooms throughout our school! In our classroom we will be showcasing student expert animal projects, student learning about astronomy, a peak into social studies learning, and several info tables with an emphasis on our impact on the water cycle and why everyone should care about this. I would love to know which students are available to come that night and present at a table in our room. Several students have expressed an interest and I want to make sure that we have enough student tour guides to engage our visitors that night. Please email me back if your child will be able to participate:)

DFES Magnet Fair Night

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 6-7:30pm

7900 Broad River Road

Irmo, SC

Mark your calendars to attend!

So glad to be back!

It was so good to see all of the students again on Monday and hear about all of their experiences over the break! We began the new year by setting goals for ourselves both personally and academically and are well on our way to achieving many of those goals!

Here is what is happening this week in our room:

In Math- We began our chapter on 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. We have also looked at reading thermometers (especially important as we are recording temp data) and measurement.

In Reading- During independent reading time, students are really taking the time to find a just right book to read on their own and then write a paragraph summary. Many students are challenging themselves this new year to try a new genre to read (reading a biography instead of a realistic fiction book) and /or trying a new series. We are continuing to read through "Wonder" as a class. The kids really look forward to this reading time after lunch!

In writing- We did a "lego" inspired writing this week and reflected on ways that we can grow ourselves as writers. Many students expressed noticing that if they plan out what they are going to write prior to writing they feel more successful. We will be tying our writing into Social Studies soon as we are about to enter our Revolutionary War simulation. Students will be writing diary entries as either a loyalist or a patriot.

In science- We are gathering weather data using thermometers, hygometers, and barometers. As we chart the data, we are looking for patterns in the weather and how those patterns impact us. We are also looking at how even though it appears that we have a plethora of water on our planet, only .003% is actually clean water that we can use. Ask your child about the "drop in the bucket". This really helped us to see the importance of valuing the water we have.

In Social Studies- We are looking at the "dominoes" that lead up to the American Revolution. We began with the French-Indian War, then the Proclamation of 1763 and Wednesday was the day of unfair taxes. We had a mini-simulation with unfair taxes using m & m's for currency. Students did not like being taxed unfairly, especially when it meant losing m & m's! Fortunately it was only a simulation and everyone got to keep their candy and eat it:)

Canned Book Report Project: The canned book report project was sent home Tuesday. Students should have brought home a printed list of award winning 4th grade books as well as several Scholastic Book order flyers. These sources were to give kids some ideas as they choose a book for their project. Students are to reach a selection of a book by Friday and return the signed parent form (2nd sheet in packet). I will do everything in my power to help your child find the book that they are interested in reading. If we can not find the book in our classroom library or the school library we may need to check the public library. I will send in the Scholastic book orders in on Jan. 13 for anyone who would like to purchase books through Scholastic.

The due date is Feb. 9.

Mark your calendars for the next Tag of Honor Jan. 22, 2016!