Invasive Species: Kudzu

Wanted for crimes against plant life By Hamza Farah


Kudzu is an invasive species, which means it is not naturally found in a habitat making it have no natural predators and is dangerous to the inhabitants of the habitat. Also known as Pueraria Montana.

Identifying Characteristics

  • Woody, somewhat hairy vine
  • Flowers are purple and fragrant
  • Quite large
  • Grows quickly

Last Seen

  • Kudzu native to China and Japan
  • Found mostly in southern USA
  • In Canada found on a hillside in Leamington, Ontario

First Offence

  • It was discovered in Canada in 2009
  • Spread from America from 1867

Known Accomplices

  • Transported to North America by humans
  • Originally used to landscape a garden in Philadelphia in 1876
  • Used to help soil and spread rapidly across USA

Crimes Commited

  • Cuts off nutrient supplies
  • Weighs down trees and shrubs
  • Causes heavy shade, preventing photosynthesis

Attempts at Capture

  • They made a hotline to alert them
  • They make us aware of them through websites so we can call in


If captured we offer $1,000,000. The kudzu vine causes wreckage that the government needs to pay to remove, and it destroys edible plants and trees that provide resources.

Kudzu is your responsibility too.



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