Technology End Of Year Procedures

And FAQs

District Technology Inventory

Don't forget to submit your District Technology Inventory using the link below! EVERY STAFF MEMBER should submit the inventory. Do not submit the Google Form without checking all information is correct and accurate, pictures are on the form to help you find where to locate the information. DO NOT rush through the form! You will be emailed two documents that will be used for your end-of-year check out at your campus.

Technology Inventory Form:

Backup your documents

ALL STAFF Computers will be reimaged and updated to Windows 10 this summer, you WILL be losing any material saved to your computer. If you want to keep your work you will need to either back up your work to Google Drive or to your U: Drive/Aldine Cloud.

And if you will be parting ways with Aldine, you will need to save everything to your personal google drive, and Google Takeout is your answer. Once your resignation date hits, the HR system is set to automatically disable your account and Tech Services cannot recover the files after that. Here is how to use Google Takeout.

Technology Repairs

If you have ANY equipment that needs repairs be sure to submit the Help Desk Request before school is out. Then you will have the item ready to use before school starts next year!

Getting Rid of Equipment

If you have broken, old, or unwanted technology in your classroom or office let your admin team know so the equipment can be property transferred off campus. Don't wait until we come back to school to get rid of unwanted equipment!

Update your Challenge Questions

Even if you've done this in years past, you need to do it again because the system was reset. Attached below is a video on how to do this. This is important so you can reset your password in Aldine Cloud in case it is ever forgotten, like over the summer *wink wink*.

  • Go to (or Employees - Applications - Service Console)

  • Log in

  • Go to AISD Apps on the bottom

  • Click on Access Request Management System

  • Log in again

  • At this point, the challenge questions should automatically pop up (or click on the Update Challenge Responses button)

Use the following video below if you need help with this process.

*if you are having issues with a flashing screen on Chrome, simply try another browser (ex. firefox)*

District Required Training for 2019-2020

COMING SOON! The District Required Training for 2019-2020 will be released before the end of May. Look for an email from your principal with the Schoology link to join the course and complete your required training at your leisure over the summer!

Before you leave for the summer

  1. Did you back up any work you want to keep from your desktop?
  2. Did you update your challenge questions?
  3. Is your teacher workstation labeled and placed in the designated location?
  4. Are your student devices locked up and stored safely? Did you give the combination or key to the designated person?
  5. Did you leave your Promethean NUC (small computer on the back) ON? You may power off the screen (front button) but the back needs to remain on to receive updates being pushed out.