Pop Culture Through the Years

How fashion and social media has effected pop culture today.

Women From the 1900's and on and their fashion.

More fashion from the 1900's-1990's:

How fashion has effected us?

I think that 1960's and the 1990's have been the most effective on women's clothing.Some of the stuff that the people wore in the 1990's looked like what we were today.1960's clothing there wore a lot of skirts and dresses so that's how they have effected us the most.
Tweens Judge 90s Fashion Trends

Pop Culture

Pop culture through out the centuries has changed. And in the 21 century social media has effected teens life's and there school life because teens there phone all the time.
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Social Media

Social media has changed everyone life.You can share stuff with people all around the world.You can send texts videos and pics to anyone and everyone.

Three examples of social media

How Pop Culture has changed.

A long time ago we didn't even have cell phones but know we have the whole world at are finger tips. Technology has changed pop culture big time. Who knows what fashion pop culture will look like in the future but what we are right now will effect what we are in future.