How to get your motorcycle license

Riding is a unique experince

First step with 2 wheels

  1. The first step to obtain your motorcycle license is to sing up for Idaho STAR if your under 21. Even if your older then 21 you should still take the STAR curse to get the training you need to ride safe and smart.
  2. After passing the STAR course and getting your permeate for 6 months you will have to ride with restrictions. The restrictions will be to not ride at night, not to ride with a passenger,and not to ride in the freeway.
  3. Once you have your permit you need to take the skills test and writing test.

Things you will need

-Valid Drivers license

-Drivers ED

-Social security #


  • Stars Course basic 1 105
  • Motorcycle m endorsement 15$
  • Motorcycle instruction permit 15$
  • skills test 10$
  • written test 3$
Idaho STAR Basic I Riding Course

Star Basic 1

Why should you ride

Riding has a feeling of freedom that you don't get on a car. Riding is also a great stress killer.

Motorcycles are also great fuil and money savers