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May 28, 2021

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Congratulations to the Lago Vista High School Class of 2021

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Blue and Gold Celebrated our Seniors

LVHS Blue and Gold Awards Ceremony was on Wednesday evening. It was a great night celebrating our seniors and their impressive accomplishments.

Lago Vista High School Valkyries

LVHS is excited to introduce our first dance team! The 2021 Valkyries will appear at sporting events next year!
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If you have received information about summer school, please make plans to attend!


JUNE 7th-17th (session 1)

JUNE 21st-30th (session 2)




Morning: 9-12

Afternoon: 1:00-4:00

Lunch and transportation are not provided. Registration begins May 17th. Please register by June 7th for the first session. LVHS Summer School is for credit recovery.

Email Mrs. Huerta at for more information.


AP Test Season is here! Below are a list of dates that AP Exams will be offered for students who signed up. If you have any questions, please contact Donna Mumme at

Monday, May 24 – 8am – Calculus AB and BC – (On paper at school only.)

Wednesday, May 26 – 11am – English Lang and Comp - (Digital at home only)

Thursday, May 27 – 11am – Biology – (Digital at home only)

Friday, May 28 – 3pm – Microeconomics - (Digital at home only)

Saturday, May 29 – 11am – US Government - (Digital at home only)

Attention Parents!

Courses for 2021-22 (crazy to say, it is quickly approaching!)

At this time we are putting together letters for your student's course selections to come home in the mail. Please open this letter or look in your student's Ascender Portal Student App under course requests. There is the list of classes as it stands right now contained there.

Please review these with your child and let us know if you see anything that needs to be changed (be specific about what they do not want to be enrolled in and what they want to replace it with) by May 26. Please understand that some classes may have been included if we fear your child will not gain the full credit in the class. If this is the situation please know, if they pass the class will be removed and replaced with one of the electives they completed in the form. If the form has not been completed your child's 4-year plan was consulted. If you have questions about these 4-year plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Huerta at the contact information below.

The course guide can be found at:

A list of classes offered to each grade can be viewed through these links.

Students who will be a senior next year:

Students who will be Junior next year:

Students who will be Sophomores next year:

Students who have signed up for an Advanced Course such as CR (College Ready), OR (OnRamps) or AP (Advanced Placement) should please also review our Advanced Courses Academic Agreement and submit the form electronically through this link:

Be sure your student notes the login and password to their Ascender Portal. Any questions about the established account login and password, please contact

Thank you,

Mrs. Huerta & Mrs. Hylander, LVHS Counselors ~ (512) 677-9685 (Incoming Freshman, Current 9th and 10th Graders) ~ (512) 677-9736 (Only Current Juniors)

Counselor Resources

Parents and Families,

We know that this time has been a very frustrating and taxing time for us all, especially on our youth. The counselors at LVHS have built this list as a resource to aide in seeking help for your children. Please reach out to either Mrs. or Mrs. if you have any questions or would like to further discuss these services. We are happy to help!

Take Care and Stay Safe!
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DRESS code Review

It has been a while since students have been held to a dress code! In addition to the new mask requirement for students, they are still required to follow the dress code. Please take a minute to review this with your students!

Here is an EXCERPT from our Student Code of Conduct. Please reference the document for the entire list.

1. Clothing should be of the appropriate size.
a. Clothing must not be baggy or saggy, worn low on the body, nor drag on the ground.
b. Clothing must not be overly form fitting or tight.

2. Pictures, emblems or writings on student attire, jewelry, and/or tattoos must be appropriate for the school environment. No messages and/or graphics that are vulgar, offensive, obscene, libelous, or that denigrate others on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.
a. No messages and/or graphics that include depictions of or references to profanity,
prohibited substances (e.g., alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.), obscenity, sexual
connotations, gangs, inappropriate language, inappropriate pictures, inappropriate
gestures, death, and/or depictions of violent images.

3. See-through/sheer material is ONLY permitted when worn over an article of clothing that is dress code compliant.

4. Students will be expected to be in compliance with the dress code while standing or sitting.

5. Proper undergarments should be worn, but undergarments must not be visible. Garters and garter belts are considered undergarments.

6. No pajamas, sleepwear, or house slippers of any kind, except for designated days such as theme or character days approved by the campus administration.

7. Mustaches, beards, and sideburns must be well groomed. Grooming is at the discretion of the principal.

Bottoms (Dresses, Skirts, Shorts, and Pants)
8. All bottoms must fit around the waist and be properly fastened.

9. Dresses, skirts, shorts, and other non-uniform clothing must be of sufficient length to allow for performing normal school functions without immodest exposure. Any garment, regardless of what it is called, must cover all skin above the middle of the thigh.

10. Spandex shorts, tights, and leggings are allowed ONLY with an outer garment that meets the middle of the thigh requirement.

11. No rips or holes that are excessive or placed above the middle of the thigh.

Shirts and Blouses
12. Shirts must be buttoned properly.

13. Sleeveless shirts and modest tank tops that provide appropriate coverage are permitted.
a. No tank tops or dresses with “spaghetti straps” (thin shoulder straps over otherwise
bare shoulders).
b. Sleeveless tops must fit appropriately under the arm. No “muscle shirts”.

14. No strapless, spaghetti-strap, backless, halter, one-shoulder, or off-the-shoulder tops.

15. No clothing that reveals bare midriffs and/or bare backs. Midriffs must be fully covered at all times (even when arms are raised).

16. No low cut necklines (which reveal cleavage or the chest area).

17. No hats, caps, and/or hoods may be worn inside during the academic school day, except for designated days such as theme or character days approved by the campus administration.

18. No bandannas, rags, gloves, kerchiefs, or gang-related decorative articles.

19. No hanging wallet chains, chain belts, handcuffs, sharp/heavy rings, or other metal spiked or metal-studded studded accessories.

20. No visible body piercings, with the exception of earrings.

21. No sunglasses may be worn in school buildings without specific recommendation from a doctor.

22. No shoes that mark the floor or “wheelies”.

23. No trench coats.
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Attendance Matters

The vast majority of our students with excessive absences fail to pass their classes. Students need to be engaged in Canvas everyday.

Our schoolwide attendance goal for this year is 97%. Our state funding is based on the percentage of students at school at 10:45 am every day. Higher attendance rate = more money for resources for your student.

For students who miss school, here is some very important attendance information:

3 or more unexcused absences in a 4 week period - warning letter sent home and phone call from the principal.

7 or more unexcused absences in a 6-month period - warning letter sent home and Behavior Intervention Plan meeting called with the parents, student, and assistant principal.

10 or more unexcused absences in a 6 month period - truancy charges are filed. Parent, student and school administrator will be summoned to appear in truancy court.

Our campus goal is to reach 97% attendance each day.

Thanks for your support!

How to check your student's grades:

As you are aware, Lago Vista High School uses Canvas for delivering assignment information and communicating with our students. LVHS will be using the gradebook function in Canvas to communicate grades with parents and students. Grades will be posted in Ascender, but parents can use Canvas to see the posted assignments that make up that current grade. Here are a few of the benefits of using the Canvas gradebook:

  • Integration with the Assignments and Quiz functions within Canvas (auto grading, streamlined feedback, peer editing).
  • Instant and improved communication with students on their assignment grades.
  • Observer view (Parent view) allows for the parent to see grades and have access to the content as well as teacher comments.
  • Uniformity of Canvas gradebook use across campus.
  • Parents can still use TxConnect for a “big picture” look at a student’s grade and use Canvas for a detailed contextual look at student’s grades.
  • In many cases, parents can access the actual assignment turned in by their student. This eliminates student responses of “I turned it in.” and “I’m not sure why I got a bad grade.”

Parents can create a Canvas Parent account by following the steps found here: An even easier option is to have your student log in to their Canvas account and show you their current assignments and grades.

StayAlert System Reminder

Lago Vista ISD uses StayALERT to help keep our schools safe. StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety.

Users may anonymously report concerns 24-7-365 via the StayALERT website, an e-mail, a phone call to a recorded and monitored line, or via a text message from a cell phone. Photos and video clips pertaining to the StayALERT report may be included. No special app required! Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

To make a report, use one of the methods below:


Call or Text: (206) 406-6485


Who should I contact about...

Attendance - including absences, doctor's notes, students needing to leave school early: Our attendance clerk, 512-267-8300, extension 5500

Immunizations, illnesses, medications: Our nurse, 512-267-8300, extension 5506

Registration, Transcripts: Our registrar,, 512-267-8300, extension 5503

Student Emotional Support, College Readiness, Student Schedules: Our counselor,, 512-267-8300, extension 5504

Career and Tech Readiness: Our CTE Counselor,, 512-267-8300, extension 5510

Student Discipline, Ideas for School Improvement: Our principal, or assistant principal,, 512-267-8300, extension 5500