Bob Milne

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There are two excellent websites devoted to the opera, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. One is on Bob Milne's website, the second is on an opera designated website.

You can hear music and read the score on the designated website.

If you wish to view the libretto, please contact us via our information section below.

Opera Designated Website

Learn more about this amazing opera here

Superior artists tell you what they've heard.

Peter Benecke. Former Düsseldorf Opera tenor who has performed extensively throughout Europe.

"...After singing through the role of Ichabod Crane, I fell in love with the music... The style and language of Sleepy Hollow is both stirring and accessible, it speaks to the very heart and soul of the listener...

The music is ingeniously complex, sometimes containing three separate meters simultaneously, expressing intimate affection in a stunningly beautiful duet. People don't even realize what it is to which they're reacting while being deeply touched and moved..."

Barnaby Palmer. Conductor and Music Director, San Francisco Lyric Opera.

"...Robert Milne is a national musical treasure. With the creation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Mr. Milne deserves to be considered in the company of an Aaron Copland or Leonard Bernstein; one of the truly great American composers...:

Warren Ottey. Music Director & Conductor, Syracuse Chorale; founder and director of the Berks Grand Opera, Reading PA.

"...I pored over the opera score of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and listened to it for three days. I was enthralled by the music and the plot, by the arias and ensembles, by the often rollicking, but sometimes somber choral passages. But more than that, I was moved by the sensitivity and love embedded in the music and in the principal characters of the opera..."

"...I believe that its premiere will be sensational as performed by a major opera company. Furthermore, I believe its subsequent performances will attract a great company of devotees, serious opera lovers and novice listeners alike..."

The Libretto

The score and libretto are available for interested parties. To view the score online, please contact us and we will supply you with the password necessary to access the site. Your interest is important to us.

Opera Odd Facts

Bob Milne composed this entire opera, 2 hrs 40 minutes in length, while driving across Montana and western states on a concert tour with his wife, Linda. It took longer, of course, to write it out on paper, but he composed the melodies, lyrics, and orchestrations in a matter of hours.