Join Echo!

Do you play an instrument?

What is Echo?

Echo is a organization, entirely ran by students, that incorporates a student's musical abilities in order to help those who are less fortunate. This year, Echo has chosen to support the Children's Hospital of Orange County, donating 85% of our proceeds to the children who are constantly battling diseases and illnesses.

Why should YOU join Echo?

Joining Echo will allow you to meet other students in Orange County who also have a love for music and to also use the musical talents you have gained in the past to help others. Echo offers many volunteer and fundraising opportunities for students who are currently in 8-12 grade.

What are the benefits of Echo?

The more you participate and volunteer in the community for Echo, you will be able to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, an distinguished yet impressive award that will definitely make your college application outstanding amongst other applicants.

So Come and Join Echo!