New Jersey

by willa

jobs,facts,get aways

Get Aways

This is some get aways.You can go to sunset beach. It has 130 miles of water.You can go to wild can swim in the oshen.That was only 4.


It has meny facts.Some thing in monopoly is named after it.The state insect is a bee.It's flower is purple.This is only some.


Jobs in new jersey are cool.They make medison.They work very hard.they make alot of medison.Job in new jersey are awesome.

other things

New Jersey Devls

The New Jersey devls hocky team.The new jersey devls are good.They have a baketball team.They have a socer team. They are awesome!

helping earth

They do helpful stuff for the environment.They clean up the beach.They do community sirvis.They will pick up trash on the street.This is how they help earth.