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I am hopeful that this electronic resource will serve to document some of the the great things happening in arts education both at the state and national level. Edits on this online document can be made at any time which makes for efficient sharing of ideas and resources. If you know of a resource that would be great for other arts educators to see, simply let me know and I will add it. Please note that any blue headings are actually links to the content that is referenced. Simply click the blue buttons/links to go directly to that content. Additionally, I have placed many embedded links within some of the text of this document. You will notice these as they are underlined and in blue text. You can click on these items to go directly to supplemental resources on the covered topics. It is my hope that this entire document could serve as a form of professional development for you.

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National Core Arts Standards Website

Check out this website for full access to all the National Core Arts Standards in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theater and Visual Arts. Launching SOON!

National Core Arts Standards Launch

Wednesday, June 4th 2014 at 12-2pm

This is an online event.

Join us for the birth of the new national core arts standards! Go here to register for the gigantic national conference call. Register for this free event at this link.
NAEA National Standards Resources from NAEA

Here are some of the templates and resources we discussed that were used in my keynote presentations and collaborative work in the National Art Education Association's Pre-conference on National Visual & Media Arts Standards.

NAEA Next Generation Arts Standards - Created by Heather Martinez
All Things Related to National Core Arts Standards

With the new national standards scheduled to roll out on June 4th, this is the current hub of publicly released documents to date. Please utilize this as another place to research and learn about these standards.

The Main Ideas within the New National Standards:

We recently completed the last review of the National Core Arts Standards and are in our final revisions of those documents. We are hoping for an official and final release date of these standards on June 4, 2014. We will continue to build practitioner developed model cornerstone assessments over the course of the next year(s) which will assist teachers in the creation of curriculum embedded instruction and assessment practices. I see great implications for this work to assist you in developing authentic assessments as well as a tool to utilize within emerging teacher evaluation processes at the local school district level.

Some of the most valuable attributes of the new standards include:

-Understanding by Design Framework: A backwards planning framework that allows for flexibility and unification all arts areas to consistently focus on "big ideas" that prepare students for the 21st century. UbD is a commonly used curriculum/assessment process that focuses on a flexible framework that anchors the work in big ideas, and then backwards planning toward the instructional and assessment level incremental steps.

-21st Century Skills: Connections which prioritize the arts and their inherent innovation and learning skills seen in their "4Cs'" of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

-Common Core Connections: Common Core does value and prioritize deep analysis of subject matter, often times specifically including and naming the visual and media arts. I believe there are especially strong opportunities to expand the definitions of "literacies" in this work as there are specific values placed on visual and media literacies. Literacy will no longer be relegated to simply textual literacy.

-Arts areas to include: dance, media arts (first time ever), music, visual arts, & theater

-Cornerstone Assessments: National models of arts education assessment tools

-Current Educational Paradigm: Focus on Philosophical Foundations, Lifelong Goals, Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, and Model Cornerstone Assessments.

-Grade Level Standards: PK-12th grade instead of grade bands for increased specificity for state and local adoption. High School will have three levels of proficient, accomplished, and advanced.

-Anchor Standards: for various components - centered in the artistic processes of creating, presenting, responding and connecting (new across all art forms).

For all of the nationally released Core Arts Standards documents, please see this link.

For additional detail, please see my Prezi below and view the supportive material within it.

My National Standards & UbD Presentation from NAEA

What to know more about the Understanding by Design framework to the new National Core Arts Standards? Feel free to check my presentation that I gave on this topic at NAEA in San Diego. It contains some grounding resources to help you get started.

The Art Career Project Link

When considering the role of careers in arts education, you might find this additional resource intriguing. I was working in the Brainerd Lakes area recently & Molly Wiste shared this with me while I was leading a curriculum day in Pequot Lakes.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

This site details some information that informs the discussion of 21st Century Skills in art. There will will plenty of focused work in this area with any curriculum development initiative & this would be a great study in anticipation of that work.

21st Century Skills Map for the Arts

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills includes the Arts as a core subject. As a result, the Partnership has developed this map to illustrate the intersection between 21st Century Skills and the Arts.

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New PCAE Website is Available!

The new PCAE website is now live and something that you might want to utilize more in the future. You can find the main link here. You will find the most specific information in regards to professional development at the portion for outreach located here.

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My GoogleSite Link: Arts Education Curriculum Resources

This site is the one that was referenced numerous times with content that could be useful for curriculum and assessment mapping and for examples or work from other districts. Great resources and models are available under "School Collaborations".

Jeremy Holien - State Visual & Media Arts Education Specialist

Jeremy Holien serves as the Visual and Media Arts Education Coordinator for Minnesota’s Perpich Center for Arts Education, whose mission is to improve K–12 arts education for all Minnesota students and educators through innovative programs and partnerships centered in the arts. He also serves as the Arts Education Specialist for the Minnesota Department of Education. Mr. Holien works in professional and curriculum development, state standards implementation and assessment practices. He is responsible for statewide initiatives in visual and media arts education.