Andrew Jackson Hero? or Zero?

By Josh DeFelice

One reason and the main one in my opinion he is a ZERO is,

"THE TRAIL OF TEARS" The trail of tears is where Jackson found alot of valuable resorses on the Indians land also the congress agreed that they had done nothing wrong, and Jackson could not just kick the Indians out of their territory and over 1000 Indians died on the long trip which took over a month to travel.

One other reason is that he,

Overused his power as president and kept charging people, keeping the states in line, and vetoed nearly every bill passed to him. if he was allowed to i bet he would have passed a law to stop all bills being made.

And finally,

The thing i hated the ABSOLUTE MOST ABOUT HIM, ( dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN) I PRESENT TO YOU! THE SPOIL SYSTEM! (women scream) i know it gives me chills... anyway back to the project, the spoil system was a system (obviously) where the president assigned friends, family, and others jobs in the government which sometimes they did not even have the right or required skills to do it! i'm surprised to this day that they did not shutdown or something...

Trail Of Tears Short Documentary
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In this cartoon Jackson is shown with all the people he defeated while killing the national bank and it is a scary little snake ain't it? anyway just trying to add humor to the grading process but anyway it is meant to scare you into thinking Jackson messed up!