King Se-Jong

Hangul, Science, Regard, Leadership

King Se-Jong

Information: the 4th king of "Cho-Sun" he is the most famous king of Korean history. He develop farming industry, Music, Languages, Military etc. As you know the King Se-Jong is always care the people and kingdom.

leadership of King Se-Jong 지명창통진실수(知命創通進實修)


now the Korea using Korean(Hangul). In past until Cho-Sun used Chinese, but almot Korean can't use Chinese. So King Se-Jong create Hunminjeongeum. When King Se-Jong start create hangul, almost politician disagree to create Hangul the extra story of the create to Hangul is someone didn't agree with jing without acceptable reason go prison.

GuHyul(구휼 제도)

This is for relief the poor. when the nature disaster happen, government support the city or people. Also sometimes they support individually like education fee or ancestral rites.