Waco Water Pollution

If you don't fix it, who will? -Group 8

Group 8- Hunter, Charlie, Kirk, Noah, Judith, Gianni, Anna, Kaitlyn
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Local Water Pollution

Have you noticed the waters in Lake Waco? The water is all murky and nasty. Why? The cause is something you would never expect. Pharmaceuticals and typical household waste, like paint and other things found in your garage. When you throw your pills in the sink, you are harming the environment! The pharmaceuticals pass through the water treatment plant, but they are not filtered out due to lack of equipment. The City of Waco currently is using 1.5 million dollars on upgrading the filters. Pharmaceutical pollution doesn't seem to be harming humans yet, but evidence from the impact on aquatic life suggests that might change. Pharmaceuticals and other household waste products impact water quality, aquatic life, and ecosystems. We need to take action to prevent this. There already are Drug Take Back Stations, where people drop of their unused medications at central locations. This not only prevents drugs from entering the water through sewer canals, but it also prevents it from being abused. This is a great solution, but how would you feel if I told you that we have come up with something even better and easier! Our Solution: An Orange Trash Can. We already have a blue, green, and brown/black. Why not add an orange trash can to dispose of your pharmaceuticals and household waste. You don't have to go to a drop-off site anymore. You just put in your orange trash can. This allows you to stay at home, and you just bring the trash can outside with all your other trash cans on Monday morning. Simple, right? Our goal is to reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals and household waste in Lake Waco by creating orange disposal cans for residents to properly dispose of these items. We will work with the City of Waco to provide these bins to every house and inform citizens of what and how to dispose of your pharmaceuticals and household waste. We need your help to make a change. Plus, if you don't do it, who will?
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Take Action

Individual level- Educate and inform other people about the harmful effects of pharmaceutical water pollution.

Local- The City of Waco can help by helping us create these orange trash cans. It would be extremely cheap and affordable.

State- Contact a state representative to alert the Government about this issue.

National- Make sure everyone has access to an orange can nation wide and how to use them.

Others- By not dropping pharmaceuticals down the drain. It is huge problem because one pill that makes it into the lake can effect the entire ecosystem!

Advocacy Project

What we Learned

Kate- Anyone can make a difference in their community no matter who you are.

Noah- I was polluting our water before, but now I know what happens when I dispose these things improperly and the impact it can have, so now I know not to and ways we can help.

Hunter- I learned how to be a good citizen and just in general, a better person.

Charlie- Water pollution can affect a lot more than I thought it could like fish and the entire ecosystem.

Anna- I learned it's important not to pollute lakes because it can harm the entire ecosystem.