Why Gymnastics?

Throughout my smore project you will read reasons why I should do gymnastics, why should we waste money on gymnastics lessons, what I will do for you if you let me do gymnastics and more!

Can gymnastics really improve Health?

Yes, gymnastics can improve health. Gymnastics teaches you what you should and should not eat. Being and eating healthy is a very important role when you are a gymnast.

The link above:

1. Has websites that show you what tyoe of foods you should be eating.

2. Explains more about staying healthy, what you should be eating, different nutrients found in different foods.

Can gymnastics improve poor circulation?

Yes, gymnastics can improve poor circulation. Poor circulation is caused when part of your body doesn't receive blood. This results in tingling or cramping. Poor circulation can be mild or serious depending on the frequenty. It the frequenty is high you might have P.A.D. also known as Peripheral artery disease. The only ways to treat P.A.D. is to have a healty diet and exercise daily. When you exercise your heart pumps blood to your heart causing blood to flow through your veins. The harder your heart works the smoother your blood flows.

10 reasons to do gymnastics

1. It's Fun

2. Develops Strength

3. Increases Flexibility

4. Develop Coordination

5. Build Self-esteem

6. Teaches you how to set and achieve goals

7. Improves Health

8. Decreases tv, computer and video game time

9. Helps with classroom skills

10. Make long lasting friendships

Why waste money on gymnastics

Everyone knows gymnastics costs money. If I let my daughter do gymnastics what she get from it other than learning gymnastics? Gymnastics teaches life lessons. For example; if you try out for a gymnastics team and you don't make it. It isn't the end of the world. This teaches you to work harder and try again. Gymnasts can relate this to the real world too. For example; if you didn't get the job you wanted you can always work harder and improve. Gymnastics can help you save money on health bills too. For example; if you had a disease and the only cure was to exercise, gymnastics would be the only answer. You can save money, be cured and enjoy gymnastics at the same time!

The link above:

1. A video on how gymnastics teaches life lessons

The link above:

Read how gymnastics changed their life

TV, Video games, Computers and more

Children under 18 use up to 8 or more hours on the tv, computer or playing video games. This will cause eye strain. Eye strain is when you concentrate on one object without moving your eye muscles for long periods of time. Some effects of eye strain are blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes or sharp pains. Eye stain occurs most in graphic designers or gamers. Eye strain occurs faster when the device is right in front of you. You can cure eye strain by reducing your electronic time, take breaks, or participating in gymnastics. If your eye strain is serious you might have Blocked Tear Ducts. Tears drain from small tubes called tear ducts. When you have Blocked Tear Ducts your tear ducts are blocked or obstructed. You eyes will become swollen, inflamed or infected if you tear ducts are blocked.

Video games can also affect the child's social skills. If the video game is violent then your child will react violently to a real world situation. The child might see something on tv and try to recreate the action at home. Video games or television shows have a great influence on your child's social skills.

For more information on effects of video-games go to the link above:

For more information go to:

Find a USA gym club at:

U.S. Gold Gymnastics & Cheer Academy

U.S. Gold Gymnastics & Cheer Academy is located behind McDonalds in Roanoke. It will take fourteen minutes to get there. U.S. Gold Gymnastics has the closest location, no age limits, school/homework friendly hours and has the best monthly price. Their monthly price is $70 and a $35 registration fee. Before we pay we can attend one free trial class. I will pay for the registration fee and the first monthly payment with my own money. If I decide to continue gymnastics I made a book you will receive after my presentation.

U.S Gold Gymnastics offers an open gym every second and fourth Saturday for $5. The open gym starts at 12:30 and ends at 1:30. U.S. Gold offers summer camps and other gymnastics events. U.S. Gold Gymnastics has a pro shop where you can buy gymnastics supplies.

Class Schedule

U.S. Gold Gymnastics's schedule is very flexible. I think the Monday 6:30 pm classes will work the best with all my homework. On Monday's I don't have as much homework so I would be able to make the 6:30 pm classes. We would have to leave around 6:10 pm. If the Monday 6:30 pm classes don't have any openings the Saturday 9:00 am classes will work too. I would prefer if I was enrolled in the Monday 6:30 pm classes so we wouldn't have to wake up early every Saturday.

Each class is 55 minutes long

Violin & Gymnastics

If you decide to enroll me in the Monday violin class and the Monday gymnastics class, then we wouldn't have to make two seperate trips during the week. Our Monday schedule; leave the house at 5:00, violin class starts at 5:30 and ends at 6:00, gymnastics starts at 6:30 and ends at 7:25 we arrive home at 7:40. If I have homework I still

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