Alcatraz Presentation

By: Abi + Kenzi


Alcatraz island is located in the San Francisco Bay, 1.5 miles offshore of San Francisco, California, US.


Alcatraz used to be a prison holding the most horrid prisoners in the world. It was chosen to be a prison because after the army created a fortress on the island it was no longer needed. In 1909 the fortress was demolished and the new prison was constructed and was known as "The Rock". The work to build the prison was all done by the prisoners themselves. Alcatraz retired from being a prison on March 21, 1963. They shut down the prison not because of the three men escaping, but because the institution was too expensive to maneuver. Now Alcatraz is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the U.S.

Attempted Escape:

Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin attempted to escape from Alcatraz by digging through the concrete walls using a metal spoon and an improvised drill (made out of a stolen vacuum). They muffled the sound of the drill by playing an accordion during music hour. When they finally escaped, they left behind papier-mache dummies, with hair they stole from the barber shop, in their place. The prison claimed that the men drowned at sea, each of their remains have never turned up.

Alcatraz.... "Inescapable"

Alcatraz was "inescapable" because the walls were 10 ft thick, and water surrounded the area, which you could only travel through in a boat.
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Life on the Island

Life on Alcatraz was lovely place to live for most families. About 300 members lived on Alcatraz island, including around 80 children. People on Alcatraz were friendly, social, and everyone worked and played in unison.

Deaths on Alcatraz

Eight people, including workers and inmates, were murdered on Alcatraz. Five inmates committed suicide, and fifteen died of disease.
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