Survival Backpack

Surviving in a Raft in the Pacific Ocean

Krystal Lopez

A Suitable Backpack

To survive in the pacific ocean with only a backpack I will need to find a bag with enough space to fit only things that are needed so as to not take up much room.


For supplies i will need to carry a filter to filter the salt water and make it drinkable, i will need to bring a solar camp stove, a knife, fishing rod, some food from home in case I can't catch any food, also I will need band-aids so that sharks won't be attracted to any wounds i may have or get.

The Main Survival items

Other items


To survive I will need to eat at least 3 meals. For one meal I will cook a common caught fish inside the solar camp stove, for another meal i would possibly cook a different kind of fish such as tuna, and as my last meal i can combine the seaweed with the tuna.


To be able to survive I will have to have a few skills. Swimming is the most necessary, if I am to survive surrounded by water I should be able to swim to catch some food. I also should have the ability to fish, fishing is essential if I am to not die of starvation or dehydration. Fish will provide me with food and water as under they are is a fluid sac with water that is safe to drink and without salt.


There is many challenges i will have to face in the middle of the ocean. One of those challenges is that I am in the territory of sea predators and i can't run away from them if i'm floating in the water. Weather is a big issue as a hurricane or tsunami could take my raft away causing me to drown.