Patient #2

by. Annika Munch


Brian has a temperature of 97.4°F. The average temperature for a 47 year old male is 98.6°F. His temp. is a little low, but not by much. It is nothing big to be worried about.

Blood Pressure

Brian has a blood pressure of 120/85. 127/84 is the average blood pressure that Brian needs to have. He is a little off on his pressure, but like the temperature, it is nothing to worry about.

Heart Rate

He has a heart rate of 72 bpm. The correct heart rate that Brian should be at is 88-149 bpm per minute.


He reports that he began vomiting and then experienced diarrhea and abdominal cramping. Brian was at a company picnic, and became violently ill after eating a ham sandwich. He is currently at the emergency room.


I have concluded that Brian has Salmonella. He as many of the symptoms like, diarrhea and abdominal cramping.


Try eating ice, a Popsicle, or sorbet so you can get sugar and water into your system. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. When eating, eat bland food after recovering. Also rest and give your body time to heal and get better.

Get antibiotics from you doctor.

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