DTLC 4/5 Book Club

just reading and talking. no quizzes, no tests, no grades

Join the DTLC book club! 3:15 - 4:00 in the Lower School library - Dates TBD

Attention Fourth and Fifth graders:

The DTLC is offering a weekly book club just for you! Book clubbers will participate in the Global Read Aloud 2013 during the month of October and November. You will receive a copy of the book Out of Her Mind by Sharon Draper. We will read and discuss this book together and with students around the world! The group will determine which other books we will read throughout the year. Love to read? Join Mrs. Fish and Mrs. Z in a weekly discussion about great stories!


Check with your parents. If you usually stay at school until 4:00 and want to spend one afternoon with the book club, have your parents email permission. If you usually go home at 3:15, ask your parents if they can pick you up at 4:00 on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Either way - let me know at bzinkovich@derbyacademy.org. We want to know how many of you are interested before we finalize the start date and day of the week.