Save the Sea Turtles

By Peyton Smith, Kailyn Whaley, & Kaylee Shomidie

Why are they endangered?

Sea Turtles are endangered because people kill them for there meat, skin, and shells. When sea turtles lay there eggs the baby turtles try to make it to the sea but most of them get eaten by sea hawks. Also a lot of sea turtles are getting hurt by other predictors and injured. So when they do get eaten the sea turtle population goes down.


We would like it if you would donated $5 a week to help save sea turtles. You can donate online or mail it to us. If you are interested in a job you could volunteer and help us with the turtles. If you are a turtle loving guy/gal you could adopt one of the turtle. It may be a lot of work but it will be worth it.