happy birthday, Paul Bunyan!

come celebrate his special day!

You can come join us on June 17, 2013

Paul's party will be at The Redwood National Park in California.

Please join us!

Monday, June 17th, 1-4pm

1111 2nd St

Crescent City, CA

Please reserve to: babethebigblueox@yahoo.net or call: 281-332-4332
1:00pm- You get to know every one

1:30pm-Lumber cutting contest

2:00pm-Maple syrup drinking contest


3:00pm-Eat hamburgers

3:25pm-Eat pancakes

3:45pm-Open presents

4:00pm-Get party favors

Wish List:

•New beanie

• Harness for babe

•Fresh maple syrup

•New boots

•Ax sharpener